The Demand

Private capital is increasingly creating measurable results in the financing of social and economic projects and businesses for those most in need or where resources are scarce (e.g. physical infrastructure; off-grid power; clean and abundant potable water; connectivity; healthcare; job creation; women and minority-owned and impacted businesses) whether on domestic soil or on the global front.  There are few organizations that exist for the purpose of socializing, understanding, and resolving obstacles to impact investment. 

The Forum recognizes that there is abundant demand for a relevant association of those in a position to make a difference for capital deployment, funding, corporate leadership and thought leadership.  

The Forum seeks to achieve demonstrable results in the various SDG categories by creating an ecosystem for problem-solving in impact investment where the stakeholders can work together to bring solutions where there is need.

Who we are

The Impact Investment Forum is a member-based not-for-profit association of business leaders, industry experts, thought leaders and private and institutional capital with a common goal to execute strategies for social and economic growth through capital investment to achieve demonstrable evidenced-based outcomes for targeted capital deployment. 

What we want to achieve

The central objective the Forum seeks to achieve is the identification and placement of assets and technologies with the greatest likelihood of success, within the context of the target objective, measured by SDG outcomes and financial performance.  The Forum recognizes that the opportunity for successful capital returns co-exists with positive social and economic growth outcomes through impact investment by private and institutional capital.  Through its ecosystem, the Forum challenges and informs stakeholders in the impact investment arena to resolve the greatest impediments to capital deployment in the impact space, such as industry trends, regulatory matters, logistical challenges, and geo-political issues.  

how we are going to do it

The Forum seeks to create solutions to those who are most in need because they are situated in off-grid or remote locations, because they have no infrastructure; or because access to basic necessities are either unavailable or too expensive.  Together, the Members of the Forum intend to move the needle to accelerate actual change by leaving communities in need with the fundamental tools to succeed through clean, sustainable, affordable methodologies.